*AUS* vs 81st




Ice Cannon's pre match report:  lol

*AUS*tralia lost the toss and was sent into bowl, 81stafrica has chosen to play on the Lonley Hill Cricket Ground, Taking Hills, Fire & Top Spinners Cricket Association & on The Town of the Dead Cricket Stadium. This One day series is the best of 3, with the winner taking the world non cheaters cup (this rules out sri TCBlanka and other competitors). We will now cross to Sexybabe for the pitch report...

Sexybabe: "Yes thank you Richie, lovely pitch this one, green fields, trees, buildings, all the makings of a great pitch, apart from a few glitches here and there it should be no trouble for the umpires Killer & Shark to make the correct decisions to any appeals that may happen throughout the match, I look forward to seeing what teams the two sides will bring into the game, Back to your richie"

Players: JB, Sb, Snappy,DS, SxB, Noddy


Well we kicked off not knowing what to expect from 81st - they give up the rights to serve putting them at a disadvantage.  We were worried they had a finely tuned team with a great tactic - but it turns out it was a mistake when they chose to let us serve...lol  Anyhow we come out gunning and took the zone.  Snappy blasted away from his little spot way down the back and with JB and SB putting forward to the left 81st were pinned down.  A couple of times they slipped through he rain of bullets and made it to the zone only to find themselves looking down the barrel of Noddy's AT4.  And if it wasn't hard enough for them they had to get past some clays aswell. Noddy did some brilliant medding helping us to control the zone. They managed to clear us a few times and the map went for the whole 20 min.  It was a great team effort by *AUS* and 81st put up a great fight.


This map was much easier for us as I think red has the best zone spots and blue's respawn is in open territory.  We were ruthless on em - not holding back we just took over the map and dominated for the entire game.  Once again 81st played it tough, but managed to clear us from the zone a couple of times making us play the map out for the full 20 min. 

A big well done to the 81st guys. A well played game, without one single word of complaint about lag.  81st showed great sportsmanship. Another big thanks to Matrix for Hosting.

Report by:  DeathStar