*AUS* vs AE




*AUS* vs AE


Players: JB, Sb, DS, Noddy, SxB, Snappy


 Although I’m not sure what the map is called it didn’t matter. AUS were pumped from the get go. Lambo served and tried real hard to serve with 12 players, but god bless his cotton socks it was like hearing from Scotty in the original Star Trek movie, “I’ve given it all I can Captain.” So with that in mind we dropped back to playing 5v5. From then on it was a blood bath. For those kids that don’t know the AE team, it’s made up of great DF warlords like CardinalSin, Nemesis, Dig, and Roo. Scorpion was there too…but he’s an incredibly laggy bastard like Sb, and we’re not quite sure its skill (we know its not with Sb…so…)

 Anyways, back to the map…we were all shooting, all killing…all dieing….all respawning….yada yada yada.  With both teams playing well it was always going to be a charge for the middle towards the end of the map. And that’s what happened…unfortunately Scorp got there before us and JB attempted to rocket him in the buttocks to no avail…he was heard to chuckle…”Yeah yeah, I’ll die tomorrow.” (The lag force runs deep in that one). AE win the first map…



 This game saw the introduction of what we like to call teamwork. This was a technically worked map. Sexy came in for Noddy. Although it may have seemed as though AUS had a plan, and they probably did, I didn’t know about it. All I was told was to go right young man. Sb went left and the rest went down the middle. We had the zone early and tried hard to hold it. CS kept us pinned down from some spot on a hill directly in front of the zone, but we kept on plugging away. Jb got so worked up. At one stage I found him in a foxhole with his thumb in his mouth crying, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Sb was having fun in the hills. Reminded me a bit of Sister Maria in the sound of music…

 In the last two minutes we took the zone and cut the AE guys down as they tried running towards us…it was a strategic push forward, and it payed off. One of the best maps that we’ve ever played  J



 Well, this wasn’t going to be a map where we were going to outgun AE. They are a squad with the strongest gunners in Australia, but what they and I didn’t know was that AUS had a plan. A cunning plan, as cunning as a fox, as cunning as a fox after a rabbit that it wants to eat for dinner, as cunning as a fox that is after a rabbit for dinner, that hasn’t eaten of weeks. Now that’s cunning. The plan was to run to the zone and hide, and not give the AE boys a targe to shoot at. I wish someone told me….hmmmm. But, with that in mind SxB did a great job with the plan and hid for the first 7 minutes, and then left JB in the zone for the last 1 min. JB was then heard squelching over TS something about wanting his “mommy”. But with ten seconds to go AUS was able to clear the zone and had three players in to take out the last map in 8 min. Well played AUS.

A big well done to the AE guys. A well played game, which could have gone either way. Another big thanks to Lambo who hosted  J

Report by:  Snappy