*AUS* vs =GD=



Report by Snappy :)

Well it was a much-anticipated game, at least from the AUS perspective. Much was promised by the girls in GD. The girls made wild promises of alcohol, strip shows, and many other things that are not suitable for the young eyes that may be reading this report.

This was not to be. From the get go, while the boys were huddled around a fire waiting for the shows to begin, the girls ambushed the gathering with what can only be likened to ‘Shock and Awe’.

While the guys kept their heads down, the girls quickly edged towards the zone. Although a brave move by the girls it soon backfired. With every kill the guys respawned to relative safety and came back with a vengeance. DS did his usual killing pillaging and killing some more. He played like a man possessed. (Little did he know that SxB was putting every kill in long term memory), at one stage he stood on a hill yelling, “They will never take our freedom!” Little does he realise that he’s already married and has no freedom  L . Cougs fought hard, and had his first taste of gunning and decided that its not his cup of tea…. or coffee or any other beverage. Sasr took hold of the zone early and stamped his ownership on it. He was telling everyone that it was ‘his house’, and wanted to charge the girls 10% just to stay in it for a while. Wolf was a human (pixel) dynamo, medding the wounded as well as talking up a hoot on TS. For a moment I thought John Laws joined the team…yap yap yap…the special guest star helped out with a couple of kills, but was hampered by a cramp in the mouse hand that prevented him form stamping the game with authority. It was just by mere luck that the boys were able to tippee toe in to the zone towards the end of the map, and steal it from the ladies in the dieing seconds.

The second map was a little different. DS was told by SxB to get of the computer, which he did without question…. although he stayed on TS sobbing for the remainder of the game. Ice Ice Baby, came in to take Ds’ spot. Wolf, obviously exhausted from running around medding everyone needed a break, and was soon replaced by the ladies man himself, SB. You could really see the change in the girl’s demeanour. As soon as SB came in to the game all the girls could do is giggle and say, “Can you take your shirt off big boy”. This was just the distraction that we needed. While the girls were swooning over SB’s bulging…biceps, Sasr and Ice led the charge to take the zone. The girls soon realised our ploy, and took it back relentlessly. The zone changed hands on numerous occasions, with the guys just able to hold the girls off in the last few seconds to win the map. At the end of the map DS was heard to say over TS, “Sniff, sniff, I wish I was there with you guys….sniff sniff”. The special guest star, still recovering from the cramp took some photos of the girls throwing themselves at SB. For your order please contact ICQ  143456375….a small cost may be incurred.(ppl under 18 need not apply).

The third map was very short. Normally when we mention short we think of Sasr’s anatomy, which funny enough was discussed prior to the map. In all honesty, the girls simply outplayed the guys in this map. The girls got themselves a couple of apartments and made themselves a cup of tea. Before we knew it the map was over. Come to think of it we didn’t see a few of the girls…or SB. If only he’d gotten to the zone first. The special guest star, overcome by estrogen sat at the outskirts of the map singing the love boat tune and little else.

In general the match was played in the best spirit. No complaints from any player, and the server was fantastic. (I had to say that so he’d serve again).

Thanks again to all the Babes (I’ll probably get a slapping for that…but I like to live life on the edge). It was a pleasure to play with you all.