*AUS* vs SOH



Report by DeathStar.

In the first map, SOH had us on the back foot a little as we only had 4 players. We did very well to hold them off right through the map but we just weren't quite strong enough to clear them at the end of the map. St was persistent on proning on the right hill make it hard for us to get into zone and left hill. Noddy and SxB did a good job fighting for the zone with JB and myself trying to assault. We were unfortunate to lose this map.

In the second map it was a case of the final zone rush, as is always on this one. We basically gunned away till the last few minutes and then was able to push forward enough to allow us to take the zone with less then 30 sec left in map. Could have gone either way. But we we lucky enough to come through with the goods.

It was now down to the decider Map3. The same terrain only with building in the middle to hide in. We zoned it out relatively easily. Ice reamined hidden a few times to hold it while the rest of us were trying to gun our way back into zone. We did this a couple of times and finally the clock ticked over to 8:00....... We won!!!.  
A great team effort give us a 2-1 match victory.