*AUS* vs *OZI*



Report by IceCannon.

We fought well, losing the match 2-1....

In the first map, we carved em up at the start, Snappy had the right vally covered, Jackel was owning anything that moved on the left, while DS, SxB and Myself were killing any flag runners in the middle. We ran 12 flags to there 4.... then they came back... they started getting into raping spots, and left the battlefield open for there flag runners... they managed to get to 12 all.... and we battled it out like this for 5 minutes. Then just as Jackel got punted, they managed to grab 1 flag, taking about 5 deaths to bring it home. We were behind by 1... I thought that the map was lost.... then SxB grabbed a flag with 30 secs to go, could this be a miracle draw I thought? Not to be, She was gunned down only 15 metres away from the flag pole, with the time running out immediately after.

In the second map, I was not there for the action, but from what I hear, we played well

. Then in the third map, OZI brung in there big guns again, for the deciding map. We were hopefull, with our team of Snappy, JB, SB, Ice and CB. However our hopes were lessened, when DJ started with a spree from his favourite spot in the middle. We couldnt walk anywere apart from the armoury. Then when DJ was taken out, we managed to bring a flag home, giving us the lead.... then DJ went at it again.... allowing his team to bank 2 flags. We started the map looking to go for the easy flags, and we did that successfully, as our 1 flag was the only flag that slightly resembeled an easy one, all of the rest were parked right outside of blues respawn. However for blue, it was much easier, the flags werent even past the half way mark for the majority. I moved to my M4 spot, and managed to stop a few flag attempts, and put a few thru DJ's torso, yet they still held us off.... then they banked quite a few flags.... we always managed to kill them 20-30 metres after they picked up the flag, but unfortunately, that brought them to right outside there respawn. I picked up the same flag 4 times in a row, to suffer the same fate, and AT4 curtosy of mason, who I'd only killed 10 seconds ago.

We fought hard and well, unlucky to go down. I belive nova have made the maps that way to overcome servers advantage. Anyway......

I remember when I first joined the squad, we were in the LW CTF and FB tournaments at anzac warrior, im not sure which one it was, but we played OZI in the rounds and went down, then we rose up again not long after in the final, and we brought victory home. Lets let history repeat itself this weekend, when we play OZI in the grand final of the AnzacWarrior.com Open CTF Grand Final.