*AUS* vs *AIF*



Match report by DeathStar*AUS*:

Well im sure every player in *AUS* had been waiting with baited breath for this match.  It was the Grand final of the Oceanic League BHD CTF tourney.  *AUS* advanced straight to the final whilst the rest of the competitors had to battle it out in a play off.  It was gonna be a very intense game with old rivalries the tensions were high and the adrenalin running freely through our veins.

The ref blew the whistle and we were off, we immediately took control of the map, taking both PSP's and a few quick flags.  Things were looking good for *AUS* as Gunny was quick to collect flags and the flag count was about 5 the diff at one stage.  Then *AIF* fought hard and took over the left PSP allowing them quick access to their flags and flag bay.  We eventually ended the game with *AUS* winning 11-10 flags.  We were 1 flag up.  And we all knew it was gonna come down to a flag count in the end.

With one map under our belt we knew we could do these guys, just as we did a few weeks ago.  We stormed off at the second whistle using the same tactics as previous map.  Maybe this was a bad thing because *AIF* counter attacked and took permanent control of the A spawn and weren't gonna let us in.  They had two ppl and sometimes more covering the whole left side of the map.  We fought hard with everyone giving 100%, Gunny and Wildcat did well to run our flags home, but we lost the map with *AIF* winning 11 flags to 8.  Putting *AIF* 1 flag in front on the flag count.  8-(

As map 3 kicked off we all knew it was vital to take the centre spawn.  Noddy kicked off his gum boots and ran like rob de costello to take the centre spawn.  DS followed his instructions and headed to the back entrance, only to find it was a suicide mission.  We held the spawn for a most of the time but were unable to take advantage of the situation.  They had us pinned as soon as we exited the spawn point.  Super Bal had a blinder in this map collecting 3 flags and Snaps did well to cut down their flag runners.  Unfortunately *AIF* still managed to gather flags.  They then decided they wanted the spawn more than us and took it over with smoke and frag nades.  The spawn changed hands a few times through out the map but *AIF* managed to collect their 12 flags leaving us with only 6.  Now *AIF* were 7 flags in front.

The final map was gonna be very tough for us as we needed to restrict them to 4 flags only whilst collecting all ours.  A daunting task, none the less, off we went.  We were unable to take the middle spawn from the initial rush and *AIF* held it for the bulk of the map.  So we changed our tactics and tried desperately to do to them as they did to us, contain them at the spawn.  Unfortunately we hadn't really practiced that tactic and they managed to collect 7 flags in the time it took us to collect our 12.

*AIF* won 2 maps with a total of 40 flags and *AUS* won 2 maps with only 38 flags.

Everyone played to their fullest and it was a little disappointing to lose but hey didn't someone say "It's Just a game".... 8-/

Well done to everyone who contributed to the BHD CTF tourney and you al should be proud to take second spot.